• 2018 KFC Golf Scholarship application

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    This is the third year that KFC have sponsored the ‘KFC Golf Scholarship’. KFC have given $10,000 for the KFC Scholarship as part of the Anita Boon Pro-Am. Many thanks to KFC for their ongoing support of the Anita Boon Pro-Am and their continued sponsorship of the KFC Golf Scholarship.

    If you want to better yourself as a professional golfer and are both a woman and a New Zealander then keep on reading!

    The scholarship is intended to help you financially so that you can:

    • attend a professional qualifying school to help kick-start your career

    • play on a professional golf tour

    • improve your coaching career

    • further your professional golf career


    For all the information (including how to apply) please read below.
    The NZPWG are now accepting applications for the 2017 KFC Golf Scholarship. There is $10,000 to award to a potential successful applicant(s). Please note the closing date of 5pm Tuesday 31st January 2017.


    Aim of the KFC Golf Scholarship
    The aim of the KFC Golf Scholarship is to assist any woman golfer in their bid to better themselves as a professional golfer. This may include but not be limited to the following (in order of priority):

    - To help a golfer (already professional or amateur) to attend a professional qualifying school to help kick start their career

    - To help a professional golfer to play on a professional golf tour

    - To help a professional golfer to improve their coaching career (e.g. professional development)

    - To help further a professional golf career


    How the Scholarship will operate
    The KFC Golf Scholarship will be offered annually (as long as the NZPWG remains in existence and funds are available).

    (a) The amount of funds available each year to the successful applicant may vary.

    (b) The full amount of funds will be announced when the winner of the scholarship is announced.

    (c) There is no guarantee that the scholarship will be awarded each year. The applicants need to be considered to be of a high enough standard by the KFC Golf Scholarship Committee or NZPWG Board in order for the scholarship to be awarded.

    (d) Please complete the application process and return all referee letters, your application and supporting information to reach the NZPWG by 5pm Sunday 24th January 2016 to: KFC Golf Scholarship Committee, NZPWG, PO Box 281052, Maraetai Beach, Auckland 2148 or via email to: nzpwg.events@gmail.com

    (e) Applicants may be short listed and required to meet for an interview with the NZPWG/ KFC Golf Scholarship Committee (this may be via Skype or face to face).

    (f) The NZPWG / KFC Golf Scholarship Committee will announce the winner of the current year’s scholarship within 6 weeks from the date of application closure.

    (g) The successful applicant will agree to any publicity that the NZPWG will require of them as part of the conditions involved in accepting the scholarship funds.

    (h) The funds must be used within 11months of the scholarship being awarded and feedback must be provided within a month of the use by date (ie within 12 months of scholarship having been awarded) and/or any un-used funds returned to NZPWG.

    (i) Feedback must include receipts and or invoices of all used funds as well as copies of bank statements detailing the in going and outgoing funds.


    Applicant Criteria
    (1) Be female at birth or gender reassigned as per Olympic Committee guidelines.

    (2) Be a golfer.

    (3) Be a New Zealand Citizen and will agree to represent “New Zealand” overseas.

    (4) Golfers must have supported previous NZPWG events where possible/practicable.

    (5) Be over 16 years of age at the time of the application.


    Application Process
    (1) Please provide two written letters of support from two referees such as your support team, colleague(s), or mentor(s) or anyone that knows you and your goals intimately and can attest to the value that this scholarship would have to your future career.


    Please ensure that both your referees answer the following questions:

    1. How does your referee know you?

    2. What qualities does your referee see in you to make you a worthwhile recipient of the KFC Golf Scholarship?

    3. What makes you a stand out applicant for this scholarship?

    4. How will this scholarship make the applicant a better professional women golfer?


    (2) Please personally answer the following questions in a cover letter or separate answer sheet.

    1. How will this scholarship impact your career long term?

    2. How much money is required to achieve your short/medium term project? Please list all funding sources and the minimum amount you need from the KFC Golf Scholarship in order for the project to go ahead.


    (3) Please provide your personal:

    a. Current Periodised Annual Performance Plan and/or IPP (Individual Performance Plan)

    b. Four year or Long Term Performance Plan – or long term Business Plan or Coaching Career Plan

    c. Career /dream goal(s).

    d. Any other goals not covered by (a), (b), or (c)

    e. Current Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis and current performance statistics.

    f. Any other supporting information that might be relevant


    Contact Details
    KFC Golf Scholarship Committee, NZPWG

    PO Box 281052, Maraetai Beach, Auckland 2148

    or via email to: nzpwg.events@gmail.com