Winner of 2014 NZPWG Scholarship Announced

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Burgeoning New Zealand professional golfer receives scholarship

Above: Caroline Bon talks about her 2013 Scholarship Win at last years NZPWG Anita Boon Pro-Am
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 Burgeoning Kiwi professional Caroline Bon has been awarded the New Zealand Professional Women’s Golf (NZPWG) scholarship for the second straight year.  The $10,000 scholarship, open to New Zealand professional women golfers, is designed to help talented Kiwis achieve their golfing ambitions.


Northland’s Bon used last year’s scholarship to help fund her to China and Asia where she secured her full playing rights on both Tours. She said the funds this year will enable her to plan for a significant playing season in China and Asian events.


The scholarship is the result of profits from last year’s Anita Boon Pro-Am, supported by KFC and Coca-Cola Amatil NZ, which is a 36-hole tournament at North Shore Golf Club co-sanctioned with the Australian Ladies Professional Golf tour. The NZPWG, which stages the event, also raised a further $10,000 from the tournament for their official charity, the NZ Gynaecological Cancer Foundation.


Spokesperson Liz McKinnon said the scholarship and charity are vital parts of their successful tournament, the only stand alone professional women’s golf pro-am event in New Zealand. 

"We are delighted with the number of applications we received this year and the high standard of each application,” said McKinnon. "Caroline Bon was the standout, with her improved performances, clear growth and development not just in her game but personally and professionally. We are proud of what Caroline is achieving and wish to continue to support her as she establishes herself on the Asian, Australian and China Tours this year.”


Bon said the scholarship was a huge boost to her financially and personally. “The scholarship last year helped me get the chance to gain entry to these tours. The support this year is absolutely huge as it will enable me to actually fund my way to the Tours and to the key events,” Bon said.  “It is great for my confidence – for the NZPWG to invest in me in two years in a row is incredible, that they can see what I am doing is working and they are willing to back me again is fantastic.”


Bon has a full schedule of events in China and Asia before returning home for a break, and preparing for the Australasian events in the summer.  She has also confirmed she will return to Auckland to play in the 2014 Anita Boon Pro-Am in November.

Call for 2014 NZPWG Scholarship Applications

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NZPWG Scholarship

The NZPWG are now accepting applications for the 2014 NZPWG Scholarship.  The NZPWG have up to $10,000 to award to a potential successful applicant(s). Please note the closing date of 1st April 2014.  Please see below for more details:

NZPWG Mission

·         Provide opportunities for women professional golfers to compete in New Zealand,

·         Fundraise for New Zealand women's charities

·          Encourage women to increase their physical activity and engage socially by playing golf over their lifetime

 NZPWG trustees are delighted to announce the NZPWG inaugural Scholarship:

 Aim of the NZPWG Scholarship:

The aim of the NZPWG Scholarship is to assist any woman golfer in their bid to better themselves as a professional golfer.  This may include but not be limited to the following:

-          To help a golfer (already professional or amateur) to attend a professional qualifying school to help kick start their career

-          To help a professional golfer to play on a professional golf tour

-          To help a professional golfer to improve their coaching career

-          To help further a professional golf career


How the Scholarship will operate:

2013 will be the inaugural year of the NZPWG Scholarship and will be offered annually thereafter (as long as the NZPWG remains in existence). 

(a)    The amount of funds available each year to the successful applicant may vary. 

(b)   The full amount of funds will be announced when the winner of the scholarship is announced.

(c)    There is no guarantee that the scholarship will be awarded each year.  The applicants need to be considered to be of a high enough standard by the NZPWG Scholarship Committee or NZPWG Board in order for the scholarship to be awarded.

(d)   Please complete the application process and return all referee letters, your application and supporting information to reach the NZPWG by 5pm 1st April 2014 to: NZPWG Scholarship Committee, PO Box 251021, Pakuranga, Auckland 2140 or via email to:

(e)   Applicants may be short listed and required to meet for an interview with the NZPWG Scholarship Committee (this may be via Skype or face to face). 

(f)     The NZPWG Scholarship Committee will announce the winner of the current year’s scholarship within 6 weeks from the date of application closure.

(g)    The successful applicant will agree to any publicity that the NZPWG will require of them as part of the conditions involved in accepting the scholarship funds.

(h)   The funds must be used within 11months of the scholarship being awarded and feedback must be provided within a month of the use by date (ie within 12months of scholarship having been awarded) and/or any un-used funds returned to NZPWG.

(i)      Feedback must include receipts and or invoices of all used funds as well as copies of bank statements detailing the ingoing and outgoing funds.

Applicant Criteria:

(1)    Be female at birth or gender reassigned as per Olympic Committee guidelines. 

(2)    Be a golfer.

(3)    Be a New Zealand Citizen and will agree to represent “New Zealand” overseas.

(4)    Golfers must have supported previous NZPWG events where possible/practicable.

(5)    Be over 16 years of age at the time of the application.

 Application Process:

(1)    Please provide two written letters of support from two referees such as your support team, colleague(s), or mentor(s) or anyone that knows you and your goals intimately and can attest to the value that this scholarship would have to your future career.

Please ensure that both your referees answer the following questions:

1.       How does your referee know you?

2.       What qualities does your referee see in you to make you a worthwhile recipient of the NZPWG scholarship?

3.       What makes you a stand out applicant for this scholarship?

4.       How will this scholarship make the applicant a better professional women golfer?

(2)    Please personally answer the following questions in a cover letter or separate answer sheet.

1.       How will this scholarship impact your career long term?

2.       How much money is required to achieve your short/medium term project?  Please list all funding sources and the minimum amount you need from the NZPWG Scholarship in order for the project to go ahead.

3.       How will you make your project in which the scholarship will be used, financially self sustaining for the future?

(3)    Please provide your personal:

a.       Current Periodised Annual Performance Plan and/or IPP (Individual Performance Plan)

b.      Four year or Long Term Performance Plan – or long term Business Plan or Coaching Career Plan

c.       Career /dream goal(s).

d.       Any other goals not covered by (a), (b), or (c)

e.      Current Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis and current performance statistics.

f.        Any other supporting information that might be relevant.


Contact Details:

NZPWG Scholarship Committee

PO Box 251021, Pakuranga, Auckland 2140

or via email to:

Golf Scholarship Awarded to LPGA Japan Tour Hopeful

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Promising Kiwi professional Caroline Bon is the recipient of the inaugural New Zealand Professional Women’s Golf (NZPWG) scholarship. The $5000 scholarship, open to New Zealand professional women golfers, is designed to help talented Kiwis achieve their golf ambitions.

Stephanie Alderlieste, spokesperson for NZPWG Trust, confirmed that there were a number of exceptional candidates. “Caroline's significantly improved scoring average, vision for her professional golfing future, physical and mental readiness made her the stand out candidate,” she said. 

Bon is delighted to be the first recipient of the first NZPWG Scholarship. “This means a lot to me. I’ve been working really hard for the last couple of years to save funds to re-launch my golf career. Receiving this scholarship is going to greatly assist me to prepare for the Japanese Tour School later this year,” Bon said.

The Northland-based professional aims to be an established player on the LPGA Japanese Tour within the next four years. She plans to kick off her 2013 season on the Asian Tour starting with the Technology Cup on 31 May – 2 June at Hsinchu Golf and Country Club, Taiwan with a prize purse of US$110,000. 

The scholarship was funded from the NZPWG’s Anita Boon Pro-Am tournament, the annual women’s only professional event staged in Auckland.

We are pleased to announce the inaugural NZPWG Scholarship

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If you want to better yourself as a professional golfer and are both a woman and a New Zealander then keep on reading! 

The scholarship is intended to help you financially so that you can:
  • attend a professional qualifying school to help kick-start your career
  • play on a professional golf tour
  • improve your coaching career
  • further your professional golf career 

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